In a secret, last minute action, the Trump administration gave Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler a license that effectively nullifies sanctions previously imposed by the US Department of the Treasury for grand corruption related to illicit mining deals.

Gertler was sanctioned by the United States in 2017 after he “amassed his fortune through hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of opaque and corrupt mining and oil deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).” Gertler’s corrupt deals have perpetuated poverty and increased instability in the DRC, where 72% of the population lives on less than $2 per day, according to the World Bank, despite an estimated $24 trillion in natural resource reserves. The DRC lost over $1 billion in revenue because of Gertler’s illicit mining deals. 

Gertler is the reported inspiration for the movie Blood Diamond, and Congolese civil society leaders call him the “gravedigger of the Congolese economy.” 

This decision must be reversed. The free pass given to Gertler threatens the integrity of sanctions programs more broadly; significantly undermines US anti-corruption efforts in the DR Congo, where sanctions have had a strong positive impact; and sends signals to the world’s most corrupt businesspeople that they will not face consequences.

👇Take Action Now: Urge the Biden administration to take action immediately and revoke the license to Dan Gertler and his companies.

Treasury Secretary @JanetYellen should revoke the license granted to #DanGertler and his companies. The license undermines sanctions previously imposed on Gertler by the @USTreasury for grand corruption.