News / / 10.07.18

Standard: Exclusive – Elites who loot South Sudan to live large in Nairobi

This is the story of the conniving elite of South Sudan, a betrayed population, conspiratorial neighbours, infinite peace deals and failed international systems as strife continues to ravage Africa’s youngest nation.

Abusing the neutral “position of trust” adopted by Kenya and most of their neighbours, top South Sudan government officials have seized the opportunity to loot their country dry, often investing in prime property in Nairobi.

In Nairobi, their families live like kings and queens, are enrolled in high end international schools, cruise in top of the range fuel guzzlers and live lavish lifestyles without having to do any job. So indifferent to the situation in South Sudan are the elite that some of their privileged lot have recorded themselves on video bathing in dollars. In contrast, in South Sudan, refugee camps continue to swell as their countrymen are rendered homeless…

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