Le règne de la terreur, un business florissant en République centrafricaine

Itinéraire d’un chef de guerre, ministre et homme d’affaires Abdoulaye Hissène

Fear, Inc.

War Profiteering in the Central African Republic and the Bloody Rise of Abdoulaye Hissène

Banking on War

Ending the abuse of South Sudan’s banking sector by political elites and pushing for peace

The Golden Laundromat

The Conflict Gold Trade from Eastern Congo to the United States and Europe

“The Profiteers”: Documentary Shines New Light on South Sudan’s Neighbors’ Role in the Conflict

Delays and Red Flags

Elections in DR Congo

A Window for Kleptocrats

Weak AML/CFT framework implementation in DR Congo creates money laundering and terrorist financing opportunities

Electronic Voting Technology DRC

Security Vulnerabilities and Déjà Vu

East Africa’s Leverage for Peace

Target Real Estate in Kenya and Uganda Connected to South Sudan’s Spoilers

Bank Scandal in Congo

Urgent Action Needed to Hold BGFIBank DRC to Account for New “Terrorist Treasury” Revelations, Hezbollah Financier Links

Fueling Atrocities: Oil and War in South Sudan

The Terrorists’ Treasury

How a Bank Linked to Congo’s President Enabled Hezbollah Financiers to Bust U.S. Sanctions

Making a Fortune While Making a Famine

The illustrative case of a South Sudanese general

War Crimes Shouldn’t Pay

Stopping the looting and destruction in South Sudan

South Sudan

Country Brief


Country Brief

Democratic Republic of Congo

Country Brief

The Nexus of Corruption and Conflict in South Sudan

Report: South Sudan

Central African Republic

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