Make sure war crimes don’t pay.

The Sentry undertakes high-level advocacy with policy-makers around the world.
Join us in taking action on our findings. 



Target War Profiteers in the Central African Republic: Create Consequences for Corruption and Violence

Urge the European External Action Service, United Nations, and United States Treasury to target the war profiteers and their international enablers creating instability in the Central African Republic, and to develop consequences to shift incentives from war to peace.


South Sudan: Promote the Use of Robust Financial Tools and Support Strong Institutions

Help support real change in South Sudan by letting your representative know that building strong leverage and making smart investments in institution building in South Sudan are essential for long-term peace and prosperity.


Tell UK to Address Connections to Human Rights Violations and Corruption in South Sudan

Contact the joint FCO-DFID Minister for Africa, James Duddridge, MP, and urge him to leverage the information from the recent Sentry report on South Sudan to take action and focus on networks including those where British citizens are reportedly associated with senior government or military officials responsible for human rights violations or abuses in South Sudan.


Conflict Gold Trade: Urge the US, EU, and United Nations Security Council to Sanction Gold Smuggling Companies and Networks

Urge the United States, European Union, and United Nations Security Council to investigate and, if appropriate, sanction gold refining and trading companies and their owners that are found to be involved in activities that threaten Congo’s peace, security, or stability through the illicit trade in natural resources.