News / / 04.24.18

“Displaced” Podcast – Featuring John Prendergast

In the latest episode of Displaced, a new podcast by the International Rescue Committee and Vox Media, Enough Project Founding Director and The Sentry Co-founder John Prendergast talks with hosts Grant Gordon and Ravi Gurumurthy about his model of political change underpinning the Enough Project and The Sentry, how to work with celebrities, and the […]

Press Release / / 03.21.18

U.S. Takes Action against South Sudanese Public and Private Oil Entities

Latest U.S. government action will force South Sudanese government and companies to show that the country’s oil will benefit its people and not enrich corrupt elites, fuel violence Washington, DC – Today, the United States announced it was taking action against 15 South Sudanese oil-related entities “whose revenues have contributed to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.” […]

News / / 03.21.18

AFP: US restricts trade with South Sudanese oil firms

The United States imposed restrictions Wednesday on exports of US technical support to the South Sudanese oil industry, warning that it is fuelling the bloody civil war there. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said exporters will henceforth need a license to export, re-export or transfer US technology or equipment to 15 “South Sudanese oil-related entities.” […]

News / / 03.21.18

Associated Press: US pressures South Sudan’s oil sector over civil war

JUBA, South Sudan — The United States is taking action against 15 South Sudanese oil-related entities in an attempt to stem the financial flow fuelling the country’s civil war. South Sudan’s government and “corrupt official actors” are using the revenue to purchase weapons, fund militias and undermine peace, the State Department said in a statement […]

Press Release / / 03.19.18

The Sentry Brings Aboard OFAC Corruption and Human Rights Targeting Chief Joshua White as Director of Policy and Analysis

Washington, DC – The Sentry is pleased to announce its new Director of Policy and Analysis, Joshua White. White joins The Sentry after eight years with the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), where he was most recently the first Chief for Human Rights and Corruption in its targeting division. […]

Op-Ed / / 03.14.18

Foreign Affairs Op-ed: The Key to Making Peace in Africa

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in Foreign Affairs and was written by The Sentry Co-founders George Clooney and John Prendergast. In December 2013, competing factions of South Sudan’s ruling party plunged the country into a horrific civil war as they fought over the spoils of the world’s newest state. Now in its fourth year, the conflict […]

Press Release / / 03.14.18

George Clooney & John Prendergast Urge New Approach to Peacemaking in Africa

Op-ed by The Sentry co-founders Clooney and Prendergast describes “fatal flaw” in international efforts In a new op-ed in Foreign Affairs, The Sentry co-founders George Clooney and John Prendergast highlight the fatal flaw in peacemaking in Africa. They warn that “without taking aggressive measures to go after the spoils that drive conflict in South Sudan and other […]

News / / 03.11.18

Axios: Report – South Sudan’s elite are using oil to fund conflict

South Sudan’s elite are using the country’s main revenue source, oil, to fund militias and atrocities in the country, according to documents obtained by The Sentry, an investigative group founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast. Political backdrop: South Sudan has been in a state of turmoil since the ongoing civil war broke out in 2013. The […]

News / / 03.06.18

Voice of America: Report – Some Top Officials in South Sudan Profit from War Proceeds

South Sudan’s first lady Mary Ayen Mayardit and Stephen Dhieu Dau, the country’s finance minister, have been identified in a new report as individuals fueling and profiting from violence in South Sudan. The Sentry, an investigative initiative co-founded by actor George Clooney and human rights activist John Prendergast, released the report Monday. It charges that […]

News / / 03.06.18

RFI: South Sudan’s oil company used to fund militia, reports claim

Global Witness and The Sentry say that millions of dollars from the Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet) have been used to finance the military and militia loyal to the government, possibly making the company complicit in atrocities committed in the conflict. The NGOs have examined thousands documents – some in the public domain and some leaked […]

News / / 03.06.18 Activists Accuse South Sudan Of Using Oil Wealth For War Crimes

South Sudan’s government has been using cash from the national oil company to pay militias to commit attacks on civilians, according to activists making allegations in an interview. South Sudan dismissed claims published by The Sentry, a group co-founded by George Clooney. “The oil money did not even … buy a knife. It is being used for […]

News / / 03.06.18

Bloomberg: South Sudan Oil Linked to Militias Needs Oversight, Groups Say

South Sudan’s state-owned oil company needs increased oversight to protect vital revenue in a country reeling from a civil war and at risk of famine, according to two groups monitoring the activity. Militias operating in the midst of the fighting have been paid by Nile Petroleum Corp., a private company owned by the state whose […]

News / / 03.05.18

Radio Tamazuj: South Sudan’s elite used oil to fund deadly militias, get richer – report

A new report from a group co-founded by actor George Clooney exposes high levels of corruption in the oil sector in South Sudan. The report sheds new light on how the country’s oil is used to support militias and ongoing atrocities in the world’s youngest nation. The ongoing investigation by The Sentry, a group co-founded by Clooney […]

News / / 03.05.18

Sudan Tribune: South Sudan elites using oil money to fund militias and get rich, says report

South Sudan’s elite is using the country’s oil wealth to get rich and terrorize civilians, documents reviewed in an ongoing investigation by The Sentry, an investigative initiative co-founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast, has shown. The report details how revenues from oil resources, the country’s main resources of revenue, are used to fuel militias […]

News / / 03.05.18

Associated Press: South Sudan Oil Money Corruptly Funds Civil War, Say Reports

South Sudan’s state-owned oil company has been “captured by predatory elites” and is being used to fund the country’s civil war, including a government-aligned militia accused of human rights abuses, according reports by two investigative organizations. Millions of dollars in oil revenue are being funneled from Nile Petroleum into the nation’s national security service, footing […]

News / / 03.05.18

Reuters: Activists Accuse South Sudan of Using Oil Cash to Fund Conflict

Activists accused South Sudan’s government on Monday of funneling cash from the state oil company to militias responsible for atrocities and attacks on civilians. South Sudan dismissed the report by The Sentry, a group co-founded by actor George Clooney. “The oil money did not even … buy a knife. It is being used for paying […]

Press Release / / 03.05.18

BREAKING: Sentry Investigation Sheds Light on South Sudan’s Elites’ Use of the Country’s Oil to Fund Militias, Get Richer

Washington, DC – South Sudan’s elite is using the country’s oil wealth to get rich and terrorize civilians, according to documents reviewed in an ongoing investigation by The Sentry, an investigative initiative co-founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast. Little has been known about the financial machinery that makes South Sudan’s continuing war possible, but documents obtained by The […]

Op-Ed / / 03.01.18

U.S. News & World Report Op-ed: Don’t Remove Sudan from the Terrorism List

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in U.S. News & World Report and was written by The Sentry Co-founder and Enough Project Founding Director, John Prendergast. After removing long-standing comprehensive sanctions against the government of Sudan, the United States is considering next steps on the path to full normalization of relations, driven by the U.S. intelligence community’s […]

Press Release / / 02.13.18

Police Move to Seize South Sudanese General’s Australian Mansion Exposed in The Sentry’s “War Crimes” Report

Washington DC – The Australian Federal Police (AFP) launched proceedings last week to seize a million-dollar Melbourne mansion owned by General James Hoth Mai, former South Sudan Army Chief of Staff. The AFP pursued the case against General Hoth Mai after The Sentry’s September 2016 report, “War Crimes Shouldn’t Pay: Stopping the Looting and Destruction in […]

News / / 02.09.18

Daily Mail: African general’s Melbourne mansion faces police seizure after tip off from an anti-corruption group headed by George Clooney

Police have launched proceedings to seize a $1.5million mansion owned by the family of a former South Sudanese general named in a corruption report written by George Clooney. General James Hoth Mai Nguoth served as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army’s chief-of-staff from May 2009 until April 2014. In 2016 he was accused of stealing money from […]