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EU Votes to Keep UAE on Grey List

EU Votes to Keep UAE on Grey List

April 23, 2024 (Brussels) – The European Parliament acted today to keep the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on its grey list.

The Parliament approved a motion for a resolution to object to a Commission regulation that would have removed the UAE and other countries from the EU’s grey list of high-risk third countries with deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regimes. The grey list helps protect Europe from the risks associated with illicit financial flows and sanctions evasion.

Anrike Visser, Senior Advisor to The Sentry, said: “The European Parliament today sends a strong signal to countries enabling sanction evasion, illicit arms trade and conflict gold. The UAE will remain on the EU High-Risk Third Countries list until it can prove that it implements and enforces AML/CFT measures. The EU’s decision is an important action in solidarity with the people in countries like Sudan and Ukraine who have faced massive suffering fueled through the illicit activities of foreign states.”


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