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CorbeauNews Centrafrique (August 29, 2021): Rapport the Sentry sur SUCAF et l’UPC : « c’est l’absence de l’état qui a créé tous ses désarrois », estime l’opposant Jean – Serge Bokassa

Федеральное агентство новостей No.1 (August 28, 2021): Сахар, топливо, вино: чем французский Castel платил боевикам за сохранность бизнеса в ЦАР

The Zimbabwean (August 21, 2021): Corporate capture driving Corruption in Zimbabwe

Deutsche Welle (August 25, 2021): RCA : des habitants sous le choc après une enquête

Mondafrique (August 24, 2021): Le groupe Castel accusé d’avoir financé les groupes armés centrafricains

Jeune Afrique (August 24, 2021): Centrafrique : Castel active son comité d’éthique

Wine Searcher (August 22, 2021): Wine Company Accused of War Crimes

Africa Times (August 22, 2021): France’s Castel calls for inquiry after report on C.A.R. operations

Bloomberg (August 21, 2021): Castel of France to Probe Allegations of African Militia Support

TV5 (August 21, 2021): Affaire du groupe Castel en Centrafrique : “ce genre de problématique en RCA est systémique”

Le Monde (August 20, 2021): En Centrafrique, une filiale du groupe français Castel accusée d’avoir soutenu des rebelles

Jeune Afrique (August 20, 2021): Centrafrique : « accord tacite » entre Somdiaa et des rebelles ?

East African (August 20, 2021): US Watchdog links French firm’s subsidiary to funding militia in CAR

Libération (August 20, 2021): Castel, le géant français des boissons, accusé d’avoir payé un groupe armé en Centrafrique

AFP (August 20, 2021): Centrafrique : le groupe Castel accusé d’avoir entretenu des liens avec des milices armées

RFI (August 20, 2021): French wine giant Castel accused of funding rebels in CAR

RFI (August 20, 2021): Centrafrique: une ONG dénonce un «accord tacite» entre le groupe Castel et des groupes armés

Radio Ndeke Luka (August 19, 2021): L’entreprise française Sucaf accusée de financement de milices violentes en Centrafrique

Les Echos (August 19, 2021): Castel ouvre une enquête sur une filiale accusée d’entente avec des rebelles en Centrafrique

Le nouveau Centrafrique (August 19, 2021): France : Face aux accusations de “The Sentry”, Castel maison mère de la Sucaf annonce vouloir ouvrir une enquête

Le Figaro (August 19, 2021): Castel ouvre une enquête sur une filiale en Centrafrique, accusée d’avoir soutenu des rebelles

Inside Philanthropy (August 19, 2021): How a Media and Mining Mogul Supports Global Development, Conflict Resolution and More

VOA Afrique (August 18, 2021): Le géant français Castel cité dans de graves violations des droits humains en RCA

Deutsche Welle (August 18, 2021): RCA : un groupe sucrier accusé d’avoir financé l’UPC

France 24 (August 18, 2021): Central African Republic: “tacit agreement” between a sugar group and rebels, denounces an NGO

AFP (August 18, 2021): French firm paid CAR rebels to protect sugar operations: US watchdog

AFP (August 18, 2021): Centrafrique : une ONG américaine dénonce un “accord tacite” entre Castel et des rebelles

Mbaretimes (August 16, 2021): Belgian firm awarded Zim passport production contract

Bloomberg (August 13, 2021): Tycoon May Have Shifted Assets to Zimbabwe After U.S. Sanctions

ZimRights (August 4, 2021): ZimRights July Human Rights Round Up

Zimbabwe Standard (August 1, 2021): How committed is Mnangagwa to eradication of corruption?


ZimEye (July 29, 2021): ZimRights Requests Information on Beneficiaries of Tax Holidays

The New Activist Podcast (July 26, 2021): John Prendergast, Following the Dirty Money

VOA Zimbabwe (July 23, 2021): Britain Imposes Targeted Sanctions on Zimbabwe Businessman Tagwirei, 4 Others ‘Exploiting’ People

Africa Confidential (July 22, 2021): Between money and the military

Bloomberg (July 20, 2021): Zimbabwe Says It Was Given Kuvimba Stake to Compensate Farmers

Deutsche Welle (July 19, 2021): República Centro-Africana: Mercenários russos da Wagner acusados de assassinatos

Bulawayo24 (July 17, 2021): Tagwirei’s vast tentacles grip Zimbabwe government

Kenyan Business Feed (July 14, 2021): The Sentry report exposes the corruption of post-Mugabe era businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei

The Red Line Podcast (July 14, 2021): Episode 47. The Resurgence of Africa’s Conflict Diamonds

The Zimbabwean (July 13, 2021): It’s good introducing anti-corruption curricular at ECD, but why don’t we start by uprooting graft right from top echelons of power?

Bulawayo24 (July 11, 2021): Mystery over Zimbabwe army deal?

Zimbabwe Standard (July 11, 2021): Mnangagwa-Tagwirei links getting clearer

ZimEye (July 9, 2021): Mnangagwa Unwilling To Weed Out Corrupt Elements In His Administration – ZimEye

Agence Ecofin (July 9, 2021): Dan Gertler, devenu le symbole du pillage des ressources de la RDC

AFP (July 9, 2021): Salva Kiir: The Man Who Led South Sudan To Independence Then War

L’express Maurice (July 9, 2021): Offshore: quand le secret des uns mine la transparence des autres…

Deutsche Welle (July 8, 2021): Russische Söldner töten in Zentralafrika: Was steckt dahinter?

Foreign Policy (July 7, 2021): Succession in South Sudan

The Zimbabwean (July 6, 2021): Revealed: How Top Mnangagwa Ally Is Stealing State Resources

Bloomberg (July 6, 2021): Zimbabwe Got Mines From Company Linked to Sanctioned Tycoon

Africa Confidential (July 3, 2021): Tagwirei probe indicts top government officials

ZimLive (July 5, 2021): Exposed: Kudakwashe Tagwire’s off-budget funding of military, money laundering

ZimEye (July 5, 2021): Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Blue-eyed Boy Tagwirei Shadowy Business Deals Exposed

The Zimbabwean (July 4, 2021): Zimbabwe tycoon’s ‘dirty money’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

VOA Zimbabwe (July 4, 2021): Investigation Group Uncovers Zimbabwe Tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s Hidden Business Empire

NewsHawks (July 3, 2021): Zimbabwe Tycoon Used State Ties to Hide Assets, Report Says

Bloomberg (July 2, 2021): Tagwirei’s vast business empire unmasked

The Zimbabwean (July 2, 2021): The Sentry Reveals Hidden Business Practices of Zimbabwean Tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei

Financial Times (July 2, 2021): The offshore hive of Zimbabwe’s ‘Queen Bee’

Daily Maverick (July 1, 2021): Dismantling Zimbabwe’s kleptocracy: Report lifts lid on Kuda Tagwirei’s offshore dealings and sanction-avoiding strategies


The Africa Report (June 30, 2021): Sudan: How PM Hamdok is securing state-owned enterprises

Radio Dabanga (June 27, 2021): US State Department lauds Sudan’s ‘great progress’ in financial transparency


Anadolu Agency (June 22, 2021): Centrafrique : l’opposition exige le départ des mercenaires russes

BBC World Service Radio (June 21, 2021): World Business Report

Mondafrique (June 21, 2021): Centrafrique, le groupe russe Wagner accusé d’atrocités par CNN

RFI (June 18, 2021): Centrafrique: la présidence répond aux «allégations» liées aux paramilitaires russes

TV5 Monde (June 17, 2021): Centrafrique : un bras de fer entre Paris et Moscou ?

CorbeauNews Centrafrique (June 17, 2021): Paoua, les mercenaires de Wagner frappent de nouveau

AFP (June 17, 2021): La Centrafrique, théâtre d’une guerre d’influence entre Paris et Moscou

Radio Tamazuj (June 16, 2021): Why The Rapid Support Forces As An Independent Force Is A Setback To Democratic Transition In Sudan

Agence EcoFin (June 15, 2021): Centrafrique : les mercenaires russes accusés d’atrocités sur les civils pour le contrôle de l’or et des diamants

Deutsche Welle (June 15, 2021): RCA : des mercenaires russes à nouveau accusés de crimes

CNN Brasil(June 15, 2021): Russos são acusados de tortura e assassinato na República Centro-Africana

Nederlands Dagblad (June 15, 2021): Russos são acusados de tortura e assassinato na República Centro-Africana

CNN (June 15, 2021): It was our children they killed’: Russian mercenaries implicated in the torture and killing of civilians in Central African Republic


Le Parisien (May 29, 2021): Le trafiquant d’or agressé à Paris par quatre hommes armés

Financial Times (May 27, 2021): US is right to impose sanctions on Ethiopia

Somos GEN (May 24, 2021): TIERRA DE NADIE – De reo en Tacumbú a Cónsul Honorario (1/3)

Lawfare (May 24, 2021): The Week That Will Be

Europa Press (May 24, 2021): RDCongo.- Mueren doce personas por un derrumbe en una mina de oro en el norte de RDC

Altaghyeer (May 22, 2021): The Sentry: Sudan’s economic reforms risk receiving “little to no attention”

Al-ba3shoum (May 19, 2021):  آل دقلو في فتيل دولي جديد تقرير مؤسسة الحارس – كواليس البعشوم

Inside Philanthropy (May 19, 2021): The Dutch Lottery Is a Surprisingly Huge Donor. Here’s How It Stands Against War Profiteering

Africa Confidential (May 18, 2021): Prime Minister Hamdok wins critical backing for economic turnaround

Sudan Tribune (May 18, 2021): Advocacy group warns of threat to Sudan’s civilian-led transition

Al Jazeera (May 17, 2021): African statues and North Korean sanctions

The World News (May 17, 2021): مجلة نيوزلاين الأمريكية: كيف يمكن لتقرير حقوق الإنسان أن يقلب الأوضاع في السودان .. الكشف عن مجزرة فض الاعتصام ونبيل أديب يخشى أن تؤدي نتائجه إلى إنقلاب

Associated Press (May 17, 2021): La France détient des discussions globales pour offrir un allégement de la dette pour le Soudan

Associated Press (May 17, 2021): France holds global talks to offer debt relief for Sudan

The Star Kenya (May 1, 2021): UK to freeze assets, issue travel bans on corrupt in new law


CorbeauNews Centrafrique (April 30, 2021): RCA : la dernière sortie médiatique de l’ambassadeur russe en RCA, Vladimir Titorenko à la coalition de l’opposition centrafricaine continue de couler beaucoup d’encre

Media Congo (April 29, 2021): Minerais de sang : sans respect strict de la loi, la situation risque de perdurer et s’enraciner

De Standaard (April 29, 2021): Belgische goudhandelaar in vizier van Amerikaanse Senaat

BBC World Service / NPR (April 27, 2021): Newsday, April 27, 2021

World Politics Review (April 27, 2021): The U.S. vs. Dan Gertler

Sudan Tribune (April 27, 2021): UK sanctions Sudanese businessman over corruption in South Sudan

The East African (April 27, 2021): UK sanctions 22 people linked to notorious graft cases

Regulation Asia (April 27, 2021): Mitigating Illicit Convergence in Transnational Financial Crime

Horizon (April 24, 2021): 2021 Aurora Humanitarians Announced

Voice of America (April 22, 2021): Sudanese Analysts: Chad Military Takeover Will Likely Cause Instability in Darfur Region

Sudan Tribune (April 20, 2021): Wanted Paraguay “fugitive” now involved in business dealings in South Sudan, says report

Radio Tamazuj (April 20, 2021): Fugitive forged new identity as business tycoon in South Sudan: investigative report

La Nacion (April 20, 2021): La metamorfosis de Ali Khalil Merhi: de reo en Tacumbú a cónsul honorario en Sudán del Sur

Philanthropy News Digest (April 17, 2021): The Sentry receives $3.23 million to track war crimes, profiteering

Financial Crime Digest (April 17, 2021): March Edition

Le Soft (April 12, 2021): L’IGF met EGAl hors cause mais rattrape l’homme qui instruisit Mutombo

The New Humanitarian, Al Jazeera (April 7, 2021): L’IGF EXCLUSIVE: Corruption Claims Spark New Concerns About Aid To South Sudan

Voice of America (April 3, 2021): Nightline Africa April 03, 2021 02:00 PM

Daily Nation (April 2, 2021): South Sudan: S.Sudan to Use U.S.$174 Million IMF Grant to Fund Its Budget


Radio Dabanga (March 31, 2021): Central Africa: Report Urges U.S. to Intensify Pressure to Curb Kleptocracy in East and Central Africa

L’Orient-Le Jour (March 31, 2021): Au Soudan, une avancée vers la séparation entre l’État et la religion

Radio Dabanga (March 27, 2021):  Sudan’s exchange rate: New report on how to sustain progress and pre-empt risks

VICE News (March 24, 2021): They Exposed an Alleged Money Laundering Network. Then They Were Sentenced to Death.

EcoMatin (March 18, 2021): Le trafic illégal de l’or fait perdre plus 4 milliards de dollars aux pays d’Afrique centrale et de l’Est

Agence Ecofin (March 18, 2021): La Suisse met en place un nouveau mécanisme pour lutter contre la contrebande d’or

Agence Ecofin (March 17, 2021): Gabon : l’Etat intensifie la lutte contre l’orpaillage clandestin

Equal Times (March 15, 2021): Central African refugees are caught between a rock and hard place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jeune Afrique (March 15, 2021): Or : du Cameroun à la RDC, 4 milliards de dollars d’exportations « à haut risque »

Afrique sur 7 (March 13, 2021): Trafic illicite de l’or en Afrique: Perte 4 milliards de dollars d’or par an

Agence Ecofin (March 12, 2021): Trafic illégal d’or : les pays d’Afrique centrale et de l’Est continuent de perdre des milliards de dollars (rapport)

Africa Intelligence (March 12, 2021): Trafic illégal d’or : Vente d’or : African Gold Refinery attaque frontalement l’UE pour rester dans la course

Africa Intelligence (March 12, 2021): Accused of links to conflict minerals, African Gold Refinery fires broadside at EU

Le Soir (March 10, 2021): Accused RDCongo: l’administration Biden coupe les ailes à Dan Gertler, l’ancien partenaire de Kabila

JCK (March 10, 2021): U.S. Reimposes Sanctions On Diamond Trader Gertler

Agence Ecofin (March 10, 2021): RDC : le controversé Dan Gertler fait l’objet de nouvelles sanctions économiques aux Etats-Unis

RFI (March 9, 2021): US scraps Trump waiver for sanctions against Israeli mining mogul Gertler

RFI (March 9, 2021): RDC: les États-Unis rétablissent les sanctions contre le milliardaire israélien Dan Gertler

African Business (March 9, 2021): Can Tshisekedi clean up DRC’s mining sector?

Middle East Eye (March 9, 2021): Biden administration reinstates sanctions against Israeli mining tycoon

AFP (March 9, 2021): Washington sanctionne à nouveau un milliardaire israélien

Actualite.CD (March 9, 2021): RDC: l’administration Biden réactive les sanctions contre Dan Gertler

Bloomberg (March 8, 2021): Israeli Billionaire Loses Trump-Granted Sanction Reprieve

AFP (March 8, 2021): Changing Course, US Cracks Down On Israeli Billionaire Over DRC

Daily Maverick (March 8, 2021): President Biden forces Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler back into Magnitsky Act straightjacket

African Business (March 7, 2021): March 2021 Edition: Mining

Agence Ecofin (March 5, 2021): RDC : les autorités interdisent l’exploitation minière dans un village du Sud-Kivu

The Africa Report (March 5, 2021): More than $4bn a year in high-risk gold flows from DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, CAR and others

Middle East Eye (March 4, 2021): Biden urged to reinstate sanctions on Israeli mining tycoon

African Business (March 2, 2021): Time to safeguard Africa’s elections


Reuters (February 26, 2020): Sudan stumbles through transition without fresh donor help

Associated Press (February 22, 2020): South Sudan’s rivals form unity government meant to end war

New York Times (February 20, 2020): South Sudan’s Feuding Leaders Announce Unity Deal, Amid War Crimes Report

Fox News (February 17, 2020): Where is Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony?

The East African (February 16, 2020): To get off sanctions list, Sudan cuts rights deals with global players

Middle East Eye (February 15, 2020): Can South Sudan’s men of war lead the country to peace?

Associated Press / The New York Times (February 11, 2020): Official: Sudan to Hand Over Al-Bashir for Genocide Trial

Washington Post (February 11, 2020): Sudan official says government agrees to send suspected war criminals to International Criminal Court

Wall Street Journal (February 11, 2020): Sudan Agrees in Principle to Extradite Ex-Strongman Bashir for Prosecution


Ozy (January 22, 2020): The Killers of Darfur Are Cashing In on Foreign Conflicts

BBC World Service (January 9, 2020): BBC Newsday 09 Jan 2020

Voice of America (January 8, 2020): VOA Daybreak

The Daily Nation (January 8, 2020): US sanctions South Sudan vice president over human rights

Associated Press (January 8, 2020): US Sanctions South Sudan’s Vice President Over Abuses

The East African (January 7, 2020): Food insecure South Sudan banks on oil money for agriculture