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Wall Street Journal: U.S. Targets Corporate Networks Amid Sanctions Push in South Sudan

The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday imposed sanctions on three peoplefor their alleged activity in South Sudan. When imposing the sanctions, the U.S. also targeted the corporate networks of two of them. Focusing on the networks is key to the strength of the sanctions effort, according to The Sentry, a nonprofit investigative organization that tracks corruption […]

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The Age: African general pinged by George Clooney loses case against police

A bid by the family of a South Sudanese general to lift a police-imposed freezing order on their $1.5 million Melbourne home has been rejected by the County Court. Australian Federal Police allege General James Hoth Mai was involved in money laundering to pay for a luxury home in Narre Warren and European cars for […]

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Haaretz: U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Retired Israeli General Over Role in South Sudan’s Civil War

The United States says it has sanctioned three people over their roles in South Sudan’s civil war, including a retired Israeli major general, Israel Ziv. In a statement Friday, the U.S. Treasury said Ziv and South Sudanese businessman Obac William Olawo led entities whose efforts extended the conflict, while South Sudanese official Gregory Vasili took part in […]

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Economist: South Sudan’s neighbours help launder the loot from its civil war

“I am not a rich man,” pleaded Paul Malong, the ex-chief of South Sudan’s army, in an interview on Kenyan television. Shaking his head, he denied having plundered state coffers or being responsible for war crimes committed by his troops. “I am just a family man,” he explained. Really? The un Security Council says he is implicated in […]

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Associated Press: US sanctions 3 over activities in South Sudan’s civil war

The United States said Friday it has sanctioned three people over their roles in South Sudan’s five-year civil war, saying it will continue to target those who “profit off the misery and suffering of the South Sudanese people.” A Treasury statement named the three as retired Israeli military official Israel Ziv and South Sudanese businessman […]

Press Release / / 12.14.18

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Entities for Their Role in South Sudan’s Devastating Conflict

Washington, DC –  The Sentry welcomes the announcement today by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that it has sanctioned three individuals, Gregory Vasili, Israel Ziv, and Obac William Olawo, for their roles in South Sudan’s conflict.  Six entities owned or controlled by two of the aforementioned individuals were […]

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AFP: S Sudan woos investors as peace deal revives oil industry

South Sudan said on Wednesday that the country’s latest peace deal had helped revive its war-battered oil sector, with an increase of 20 000 barrels per day in the past two months. The country’s warring parties in September signed a new peace deal to end five years of civil war that has killed an estimated […]

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The Age: South Sudanese general caught by George Clooney ‘laundering’ money in Melbourne

The family of a South Sudanese army general allegedly claimed $470,000 in welfare payments from the Australian Government at the same time as they paid for a luxury Melbourne house with a $1.5 million cheque. The revelation comes from an affidavit sworn by Australian Federal Police agent Graham White as police try to keep a […]

Press Release / / 11.13.18

“Fear, Inc.” New Investigative Report Exposes Billion Dollar Business Built on Atrocities and War in the Central African Republic

Washington, D.C. – In its newest report released today, The Sentry details the violent ascent of a war profiteer in the Central African Republic (CAR), and the role he and other criminal entrepreneurs, both foreign and domestic, have played in driving a country into a morass of war, poverty, and pervasive terror. The report, “Fear, […]

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“Le règne de la terreur” Un nouveau rapport d’enquête met en lumière comment les violences et la guerre génèrent des centaines de millions de dollars en République centrafricaine

Washington, D.C. – Dans son dernier rapport publié aujourd’hui, The Sentry suit l’ascension violente d’un profiteur de guerre en République centrafricaine (RCA). Relié en réseau avec des entrepreneurs criminels tant étrangers que nationaux, ce seigneur de guerre contribue à prolonger l’état de guerre et de misère. Le rapport d’enquête intitulé « Le règne de la terreur : […]

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Le Monde: Au Soudan du Sud, il est plus juste de parler de partage du gâteau que d’accord de paix

Tribune. Il devait rester quelques jours, il ne sera finalement resté que six heures. Après plus de deux ans d’exil, Riek Machar, l’ancien vice-président qui avait dû fuir le Soudan du Sud en juillet 2016, a estimé que passer la nuit à Juba, la capitale, était un risque pour sa sécurité. C’est dans cet état d’esprit que […]

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Metal Miner: Conflict Gold Could Be Entering the U.S. Market Via Major Companies

We’ve touched on conflict materials in this space before, typically in reference to cobalt. A majority of the world’s cobalt is mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where conditions at so-called artisanal mines (i.e., small-scale mines) are sub-standard, according to reports by a variety of NGOs. Among the concerns at these mines includes […]

News / / 11.06.18

Spend Matters: Study – Conflict gold from Africa may be in U.S. markets, passing through major companies

An October 2018 study released by a watchdog group that focuses on Africa has highlighted concerns that conflict gold mined from the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is making its way into international markets and becoming integrated in the supply chains of major U.S. companies. Documents reviewed and interviews carried out by The Sentry, a team […]

News / / 10.27.18

East African: Politics overlaps with banking in South Sudan

South Sudan’s political elite has been accused of hijacking the banking system for personal gain and locking out local businesses and citizens. Out of the 26 banks operating in South Sudan, 14 are partially owned or controlled by politically exposed persons (PEPs) who exert undue political influence in the banking sector, says a new report […]

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De Morgen: Is Belgische miljonair spil in goudsmokkel uit Congolees conflictgebied?

De Amerikaanse ngo The Sentry noemt in een rapport de Belg Alain Goetz de spil in een illegale handel van goud afkomstig uit conflictgebied. Het is niet de eerste keer dat de man in opspraak komt. “Ik dacht dat het ging om het script van de nieuwste film met George Clooney”. De enige vraag is of […]

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Voice of America – Straight Talk Africa: Investigative Journalism in Africa: Exposing Corruption, Child Exploitation and More

Guest host Vincent Makori discusses investigative journalism in Africa, with Brian Adeba, Enough Project deputy director of policy; Tom Detzel, Voice of America investigations editor; John-Allan Namu, investigative journalist and Africa Uncensored CEO; and Finlay Young, investigative journalist.

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Brussells Times: Illegally exported Congolese gold refined by factory owned by Belgian Alain Goetz

Gold extracted from the conflict regions of the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) can be found on international markets and is supplying large American companies, having been refined in Uganda through a network controlled by the Belgian, Alain Goetz. The anti-corruption American NGO, The Sentry, alleges so in a recent report. […]

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Chemical Watch: Conflict gold reaching US company supply chains, says NGO report

Gold mined from conflict areas in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is reaching the supply chains of major US companies and finding its way into consumer products, according to an NGO report. The report by The Sentry – an initiative of NGO Enough Project and human rights charity Not On Our Watch (NOOW) – says […]

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Belga News Agency: De l’or congolais exporté illégalement raffiné par l’usine d’Alain Goetz selon une ONG

«  Une enquête menée par The Sentry provoque d’importantes préoccupations que l’or extrait dans des zones de conflit dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo atteint les marchés internationaux, dont la chaîne d’approvisionnement de grandes entreprises américaines et (se retrouve) dans des produits que les consommateurs utilisent au quotidien », affirme ce rapport. Des documents examinés et […]

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The Sentry Exposes Pervasive Risks, Political Control in South Sudan Banking Sector

Washington, D.C. – A new investigative report by The Sentry details how a set of banks has been hijacked for the personal benefit of leaders, powerful officials, and other “Politically-Exposed Persons” (PEPs, ie current or former senior foreign political figures, their immediate family, and their close associates). The report, “Banking on War: Ending the abuse […]