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Voice of America – Straight Talk Africa: Investigative Journalism in Africa: Exposing Corruption, Child Exploitation and More

Guest host Vincent Makori discusses investigative journalism in Africa, with Brian Adeba, Enough Project deputy director of policy; Tom Detzel, Voice of America investigations editor; John-Allan Namu, investigative journalist and Africa Uncensored CEO; and Finlay Young, investigative journalist.

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Brussells Times: Illegally exported Congolese gold refined by factory owned by Belgian Alain Goetz

Gold extracted from the conflict regions of the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) can be found on international markets and is supplying large American companies, having been refined in Uganda through a network controlled by the Belgian, Alain Goetz. The anti-corruption American NGO, The Sentry, alleges so in a recent report. […]

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Chemical Watch: Conflict gold reaching US company supply chains, says NGO report

Gold mined from conflict areas in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is reaching the supply chains of major US companies and finding its way into consumer products, according to an NGO report. The report by The Sentry – an initiative of NGO Enough Project and human rights charity Not On Our Watch (NOOW) – says […]

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Belga News Agency: De l’or congolais exporté illégalement raffiné par l’usine d’Alain Goetz selon une ONG

«  Une enquête menée par The Sentry provoque d’importantes préoccupations que l’or extrait dans des zones de conflit dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo atteint les marchés internationaux, dont la chaîne d’approvisionnement de grandes entreprises américaines et (se retrouve) dans des produits que les consommateurs utilisent au quotidien », affirme ce rapport. Des documents examinés et […]

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The Sentry Exposes Pervasive Risks, Political Control in South Sudan Banking Sector

Washington, D.C. – A new investigative report by The Sentry details how a set of banks has been hijacked for the personal benefit of leaders, powerful officials, and other “Politically-Exposed Persons” (PEPs, ie current or former senior foreign political figures, their immediate family, and their close associates). The report, “Banking on War: Ending the abuse […]

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The Golden Laundromat: Conflict Gold May Be Entering US Through Gold Trading Network – New Investigation

New investigative report by The Sentry raises serious concerns that gold mined from conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo may wind up in the supply chains of 283 U.S. publicly listed companies, including Amazon, Sony, and General Electric, through a global gold trading corporate network controlled by Belgian tycoon Alain Goetz. Washington, DC […]

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Voice of America – Africa54: Investigative Documentary Reveals South Sudanese Profiteers

Brian Adeba, Deputy Director of Policy at the Enough Project speaks to Voice of America’s Esther Githui-Ewart.

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UN Security Council Takes Aim at Conflict Linked to Natural Resources

Experts call for serious financial consequences, including network sanctions and anti-money laundering measures Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.N. Security Council held a session on the role of natural resources as a root cause of conflict. John Prendergast, Founding Director of the Enough Project and Co-Founder of The Sentry, said: “Today’s session at the United Nations […]

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Investigative Alert by The Sentry Points to South Sudan’s Neighbors’ Role in Devastating Conflict

New documentary film features The Sentry’s findings, explores corrupt links between South Sudan’s civil war and officials and businesses in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia Washington, DC – A new investigative Africa Uncensored documentary, “The Profiteers,” featuring in part The Sentry’s investigative findings, explores linkages between South Sudan’s civil war and the operations of businesspeople, financial institutions, and […]

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Standard: Exclusive – Elites who loot South Sudan to live large in Nairobi

This is the story of the conniving elite of South Sudan, a betrayed population, conspiratorial neighbours, infinite peace deals and failed international systems as strife continues to ravage Africa’s youngest nation. Abusing the neutral “position of trust” adopted by Kenya and most of their neighbours, top South Sudan government officials have seized the opportunity to […]

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Foreign Policy: Remember South Sudan? Washington Would Prefer Not to

A senior official from South Sudan traveled to Washington this week to solicit U.S. support—and money—for a fragile new peace deal aimed at ending the country’s five-year civil war. In the past, billions of U.S. dollars have flowed into the new nation, along with a great deal of tender American attention. But the mood in […]

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NY Times – Nick Kristof’s Sunday Newsletter: Go after the money to stop human rights crimes

By John Prendergast More than any other factor, war has driven and shaped human history. Superficially, many wars appear to be senseless. Look beneath the surface, and there is one common denominator: unchecked greed. War may be hell for the people in conflict-ridden countries, but it is very profitable and politically beneficial for a small […]

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La Libre: RDC : « Il faut des sanctions financières contre Kabila et les siens » pour The Sentry

The Sentry, l’ONG américaine soutenue par l’acteur George Clooney, dévoile son nouveau rapport sur les élections en RDC et propose des pistes pour faire pression sur les principaux acteurs de ce processus. (Rapport à lire en dessous du texte). Premier constat, The Sentry veut croire que des élections sont encore possibles en RDC le 23 […]

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New Investigative Report Raises Red Flags for Upcoming Elections in DR Congo

Report by The Sentry warns of indicators of serious technical flaws, signs of corruption and inappropriate interference by Congo’s election commission that could undermine a free and fair election Washington, DC – A new investigative report published today by The Sentry, “Delays and Red Flags: Elections in DR Congo,” explores allegations of corruption throughout the Democratic Republic […]

Op-Ed / / 09.12.18

The Daily Beast Op-ed: In South Sudan, A Peace Deal Without Peace

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in The Daily Beast and was written by John Prendergast, co-founder of The Sentry and founding director of the Enough Project, and Brian Adeba, deputy director of policy at the Enough Project. The peace deal signed today between the government of South Sudan and armed opposition groups has significant shortcomings that could easily lead […]

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Washington Post: The U.S. is warning Congo that using electronic voting machines could backfire

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has a warning for another country preparing for a presidential election: Use electronic voting machines at your own risk. At a U.N. Security Council meeting in New York late last month, Haley called on Congo to abandon its plan to use the machines for the first time in favor of paper […]

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John Prendergast Briefs Security Council in First-Ever Session on Corruption and Conflict, Calls for New and Robust Financial Actions to Support Peace

United Nations Headquarters, New York – Today, the U.N. Security Council held its first-ever session on the critical connection between corruption and conflict. John Prendergast, Founding Director at the Enough Project and Co-Founder of The Sentry, and U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres were the two featured speakers at the historic briefing. Click here for full remarks by John […]

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John Prendergast to Address UN Security Council in First-Ever Session on Nexus Between Corruption and Conflict

The Sentry’s Co-Founder Joins UN Secretary-General Guterres in Historic Session as United States Takes the Council Presidency Washington, D.C. – On Monday, September 10, the United Nations Security Council will hold its first-ever session on the critical connection between corruption and conflict. John Prendergast, Founding Director at the Enough Project and Co-Founder of The Sentry, will […]

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South Sudanese General Travels to China Despite UN Travel Ban

Washington, D.C. – Inquiries by The Sentry have just revealed that General Gabriel Jok Riak, South Sudan’s top military commander, likely traveled in violation of his UN travel ban. The Sentry has now been able to confirm that General Jok Riak did not receive an official waiver from the UN when he visited China last month for the first China-Africa Defense & Security Forum. Jok Riak was […]

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New Report: DR Congo’s Efforts to Counter Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Found Inadequate

Congo’s rampant illicit finance problems put the international financial system at risk, as corrupt actors and criminals take advantage of the country’s weak law enforcement Washington, D.C. – A new report published today by The Sentry reveals that the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s efforts to counter money laundering and terrorist financing are inadequate. The report comes at a […]