News / / 08.05.19

La Libre Afrique: RDC : L’ONG de George Clooney accuse le clan Kabila

Tentatives d’un réseau secret international de saisir un quart du secteur bancaire congolais. Le rapport de The Sentry, l’ONG coprésidée par l’acteur George Clooney, met à jour les activités d’une banque d’investissement liée à l’ancien président Joseph Kabila. Une enquête menée par The Sentry (qui a déjà révélé les relations etre le clan Kabila et […]

News / / 08.01.19

El Venezolano: Aviones de reconocida aerolínea panameña trasladaron oro venezolano a Turquía en medio de denuncias

La aerolínea panameña Copa Airlines fue utilizada presuntamente en el traslado de oro venezolano a Turquía, según una investigación periodística de diversos medios de comunicación. Se cree que todo sucedió con conocimiento del para entonces presidente de Panamá Juan Carlos Varela y del magnate panameño Stanley Motta, propietario de Copa, mientras la aerolínea ayudaba a […]

News / / 07.30.19

Financial Crime News: Interview with the Sentry’s Joshua White and Megha Swamy

In this Interview The Sentry’s Policy & Analysis Director  Joshua White and Deputy Megha Swamy, answer questions posed by Financial Crime News on the work of the Sentry, its aims, achievements and what FI’s can do to help and how the Sentry can help them. Click here to read the full interview.

News / / 07.26.19

Foreign Policy: U.S. Balked at Sanctions on Sudan

The United States halted plans to sanction Sudanese security forces over the massacre of protesters in order to pave the way for a power-sharing deal between military and civilian leaders, current and former U.S. officials told Foreign Policy. In mid-June, the National Security Council convened a series of meetings to discuss the U.S. response to […]

News / / 07.17.19

OCCRP: Sprouting Weapons of War

Seated on a plastic chair outside a school in South Sudan’s northern town of Aweil, Kristine Akodit shifts her 1-year-old daughter in her arms as she breastfeeds. “Hunger is here,” says the young mother, whose three children sometimes go days without food. At the launch of a European Union funded school meal program, Akodit hangs […]

News / / 07.08.19

KickBack – The Global Anticorruption Podcast: Debra LaPrevotte on being an FBI agent, asset recovery, safe havens for kleptocrats & war crimes

Join us this week for an interview on the FBI’s work on asset recovery, which countries are currently the main destinations for money laundering by international cleptocrats and how corruption directly contributes to war crimes and atrocities. Our guest this week is the Debra LaPrevotte. She is a Senior Investigator for The Sentry ( Founded […]

News / / 07.08.19

African Business: Sudan’s gold: Hemedti’s untold power

After weeks of peaceful sit-ins outside the military headquarters in Khartoum, the uneasy truce between Sudan’s security forces and thousands of protestors demanding change was finally ruptured at dawn on 3 June. Members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – a militia widely condemned for human rights violations in its suppression of rebels in the […]

News / / 07.05.19

BBC/PRI’s The World with Marco Werman: A deal reached in Sudan

Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition alliance have struck a powersharing deal to form a transitional government until elections can be held. Host Marco Werman speaks with the BBC’s Anne Soy. We also hear from Suliman Baldo with The Enough Project… Click here to listen to the interview.

Press Release / / 07.03.19

FATF Assessment Team Must Focus on Issues Connecting UAE to Conflict in East and Central Africa

Washington, DC – The United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) onsite mutual evaluation begins this week. The FATF mutual evaluation process is a crucial step for countries attempting to improve their domestic anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) framework and to demonstrate the efficacy of the systems they have […]

Op-Ed / / 07.02.19

Euractiv Op-ed: The Case for Corruption Criteria in EU Global Human Rights Sanctions

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in Euractiv and was written by Sarah Gardiner, former Investigative Analyst at The Sentry, and Rachel Owens, the head of EU Office at Global Witness. In kleptocracies around the world, elites control the majority of state institutions and economic sectors and derive personal profit, often using violence and repression. Their ill-gotten gains […]

News / / 06.19.19

African News Agency: Despite signing of peace agreement South Sudan’s economy continues to deteriorate

The world’s newest country descended into civil war in 2013 following the outbreak of clashes at a national convention. According to an international panel of experts, South Sudan’s economy has continued to worsen despite the signing of a peace agreement in September last year that saw the decline of violence in the country… Click here […]

News / / 06.17.19

Mondiaal Nieuws: Jean-Jacques Lumumba: ‘Corruptie is rem op ontwikkeling van het Afrikaanse continent’

‘De analyse van een krediet verschilt niet zo erg van die van een mens. Je moet begrijpen wat en waarom geld beweegt.’ Jean-Jacques Lumumba is geen politicus zoals zijn grootoom Patrice, de eerste democratisch verkozen premier van Congo, maar wel een financieel expert. Net als Patrice Lumumba wordt hij gedreven door idealen en is hij de luis in de […]

News / / 06.14.19

Europa Press: Mueren trece personas a causa de un derrumbe en una mina de oro en el noreste de RDC

Al menos trece personas murieron el jueves a causa de un derrumbe registrado en una mina de oro en la provincia de Ituri, situada en el noreste de República Democrática del Congo (RDC), según han confirmado este viernes las autoridades… Click here to read the full article.

News / / 06.13.19

Voice of America: Africa 54: Interview with John Dell’Osso

Click here to watch this video on the Voice of America website.

News / / 06.12.19

AFP: US names envoy to find ‘peaceful political solution’ in Sudan: official

The US State Department nominated experienced Africa hand Donald Booth as a special envoy to Sudan Wednesday, hoping he can help craft a “peaceful political solution” between the military rulers and groups seeking civilian rule. The nomination comes nine days after government troops and paramilitaries cracked down on protesters outside army headquarters in Khartoum, killing […]

Op-Ed / / 06.11.19

George Clooney and John Prendergast in Politico: How Congress Can Help Stop the Killing in Sudan

للقراءة باللغة العربية إضغط هنا   Note: This op-ed originally appeared in Politico and was written by The Sentry’s co-founders, George Clooney and John Prendergast. Traveling throughout the Sudanese region of Darfur and neighboring refugee camps during the mid-2000s, we saw firsthand evidence of the monster the Sudanese regime had built to carry out a genocide. […]

News / / 06.11.19

AFP: Clooney urges action on Sudan generals’ assets

Hollywood star and activist George Clooney on Tuesday urged the international community to go after illicit money from Sudan, voicing hope that financial pressure would change the calculus for generals who violently put down pro-democracy protests. Clooney — a longtime campaigner for human rights in Sudan’s western region of Darfur — noted that the notorious […]

News / / 06.11.19

VoA Afrique: Les investissements secrets de la famille Kabila – Entretien

Le rapport d’enquête publié le 22 mai à Washington, D.C. détaille les activités de Kwanza Capital, une société d’investissement secrète contrôlée par le frère de l’ancien président Joseph Kabila. Intitulé «Capitaux cachés : la banque secrète d’investissement de la famille Kabila», le rapport est produit par The Sentry, une organisation d’investigation co-fondée par George Clooney […]

News / / 06.03.19

Deutsche Welle: La corruption répandue chez les politiques africains

Alors qu’un rapport de l’ONG Sentry met en cause le clan Kabila en RDC, l’histoire montre que la corruption était et est encore répandue chez les politiques africains. Il y a quelques jours, un rapport de l’ONG Sentry mettait en cause la gestion du clan Kabila en République démocratique du Congo (23.05.2019). L’ancien président et sa famille sont […]

News / / 05.25.19 Rapport The Sentry : L’os du mépris jeté en pâture à l’opinion » (Tribune de Daniel Ngoie)

Un rapport sulfureux – comme ne savent les produire ces dernières années que les milieux politiques, diplomatiques, économiques et sociaux anti-Kabila – est en circulation depuis le 22 mai 2019. Ayant pour cofondateurs Georges Clooney et John Prendergast, l’ONG américaine The Sentry se présente en «équipe d’enquêteurs (…) qui suit l’argent sale et construit des […]