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Associated Press: Sudanese face daunting challenges on path to democracy

For the first time in three decades, Sudan has charted a path out of military rule following the formation of a power-sharing government by the pro-democracy movement and the generals who overthrew longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir. But the fragile transition will be tested as leaders confront a daunting array of challenges. Decades of war and […]

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Associated Press: Sudanese protesters sign final power-sharing deal with army

Sudan’s pro-democracy movement and ruling military council signed a final power-sharing agreement Saturday at a ceremony in the capital, Khartoum, after weeks of tortuous negotiations. The historic deal paves the way for a transition to a civilian-led government after the military overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir months ago and the more recent deadly suppression of […]

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New York Times: Sudan Erupts in Celebration After Army and Civilians Agree to Share Power

Sudan’s military and civilian leaders signed a landmark power-sharing deal at a joyous ceremony in the capital, Khartoum, on Saturday, signaling a new chapter in the life of the sprawling African country, which has been rocked by eight months of popular protests, a coup and a bloody military crackdown. Few Sudanese could have imagined only […]

News / / 08.15.19

Voice of America: US Imposes Travel Ban on Sudan’s Former Security Chief

The United States has imposed a visa ban on the former director general of Sudan’s national intelligence and security services for his alleged involvement in gross human rights violations. The State Department, in announcing the ban Wednesday, said it has “credible information” that Salah Abdalla Mohamed Mohamed Salih, also known as Salah Gosh, “was involved in torture […]

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The East African: US slaps sanctions on Sudan’s former spymaster Salah Gosh

The United States has designated former Sudan’s spy chief Salah Abdallah Mohamed Saleh, also known as Gosh, for his involvement in “gross violations of human rights”. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday said Washington had credible evidence that Salah Gosh was involved in torture during his tenure as head of the feared Sudan’s […]

News / / 08.11.19

The Times: Smuggling claims cast shadow over Brexit’s £8m diamond geezer Arron Banks

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is examining claims that Arron Banks, the businessman who helped fund Brexit, smuggled diamonds out of South Africa. The NCA has been passed allegations made by Banks’s former business partner that Banks attempted to source black-market gems from Zimbabwe and pretend they had come from his mines in South Africa. The […]

News / / 08.09.19

Voice of America: South Sudan In Focus

The Sentry’s Joshua White speaks to Voice of America about “Consequences for Kleptocrats,” The Sentry’s latest brief on South Sudan. Click here to  listen to the interview (minute 12:27).

News / / 08.09.19

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Policy, Guns and Money: Fuel security, India, Africa and more

In this episode, Brendan Nicholson interviewed Brian Adeba from the Enough Project on efforts to prevent atrocities and corruption in Eastern and Central Africa. Click here to listen to the interview.

News / / 08.06.19

BBC World Service: Newsday

The Sentry’s Joshua White speaks to BBC World Service about U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale’s scheduled visit to Sudan. Click here to listen to the interview (minute 18:30).

News / / 08.06.19

Associated Press: A New Strongman in Sudan? Experts Aren’t So Sure

When Sudan’s protest leaders signed a preliminary power-sharing agreement with the ruling military council in early July, they had no choice but to shake hands with the man many of them accuse of ordering a massacre just a month earlier. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, a paramilitary commander from Darfur who is widely known as Hemedti, has emerged […]

News / / 08.05.19

La Libre Afrique: RDC : L’ONG de George Clooney accuse le clan Kabila

Tentatives d’un réseau secret international de saisir un quart du secteur bancaire congolais. Le rapport de The Sentry, l’ONG coprésidée par l’acteur George Clooney, met à jour les activités d’une banque d’investissement liée à l’ancien président Joseph Kabila. Une enquête menée par The Sentry (qui a déjà révélé les relations etre le clan Kabila et […]

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El Venezolano: Aviones de reconocida aerolínea panameña trasladaron oro venezolano a Turquía en medio de denuncias

La aerolínea panameña Copa Airlines fue utilizada presuntamente en el traslado de oro venezolano a Turquía, según una investigación periodística de diversos medios de comunicación. Se cree que todo sucedió con conocimiento del para entonces presidente de Panamá Juan Carlos Varela y del magnate panameño Stanley Motta, propietario de Copa, mientras la aerolínea ayudaba a […]

News / / 07.30.19

Financial Crime News: Interview with the Sentry’s Joshua White and Megha Swamy

In this Interview The Sentry’s Policy & Analysis Director  Joshua White and Deputy Megha Swamy, answer questions posed by Financial Crime News on the work of the Sentry, its aims, achievements and what FI’s can do to help and how the Sentry can help them. Click here to read the full interview.

News / / 07.26.19

Foreign Policy: U.S. Balked at Sanctions on Sudan

The United States halted plans to sanction Sudanese security forces over the massacre of protesters in order to pave the way for a power-sharing deal between military and civilian leaders, current and former U.S. officials told Foreign Policy. In mid-June, the National Security Council convened a series of meetings to discuss the U.S. response to […]

News / / 07.17.19

OCCRP: Sprouting Weapons of War

Seated on a plastic chair outside a school in South Sudan’s northern town of Aweil, Kristine Akodit shifts her 1-year-old daughter in her arms as she breastfeeds. “Hunger is here,” says the young mother, whose three children sometimes go days without food. At the launch of a European Union funded school meal program, Akodit hangs […]

News / / 07.08.19

KickBack – The Global Anticorruption Podcast: Debra LaPrevotte on being an FBI agent, asset recovery, safe havens for kleptocrats & war crimes

Join us this week for an interview on the FBI’s work on asset recovery, which countries are currently the main destinations for money laundering by international cleptocrats and how corruption directly contributes to war crimes and atrocities. Our guest this week is the Debra LaPrevotte. She is a Senior Investigator for The Sentry ( Founded […]

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African Business: Sudan’s gold: Hemedti’s untold power

After weeks of peaceful sit-ins outside the military headquarters in Khartoum, the uneasy truce between Sudan’s security forces and thousands of protestors demanding change was finally ruptured at dawn on 3 June. Members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – a militia widely condemned for human rights violations in its suppression of rebels in the […]

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BBC/PRI’s The World with Marco Werman: A deal reached in Sudan

Sudan’s ruling military council and opposition alliance have struck a powersharing deal to form a transitional government until elections can be held. Host Marco Werman speaks with the BBC’s Anne Soy. We also hear from Suliman Baldo with The Enough Project… Click here to listen to the interview.

News / / 06.19.19

African News Agency: Despite signing of peace agreement South Sudan’s economy continues to deteriorate

The world’s newest country descended into civil war in 2013 following the outbreak of clashes at a national convention. According to an international panel of experts, South Sudan’s economy has continued to worsen despite the signing of a peace agreement in September last year that saw the decline of violence in the country… Click here […]

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Mondiaal Nieuws: Jean-Jacques Lumumba: ‘Corruptie is rem op ontwikkeling van het Afrikaanse continent’

‘De analyse van een krediet verschilt niet zo erg van die van een mens. Je moet begrijpen wat en waarom geld beweegt.’ Jean-Jacques Lumumba is geen politicus zoals zijn grootoom Patrice, de eerste democratisch verkozen premier van Congo, maar wel een financieel expert. Net als Patrice Lumumba wordt hij gedreven door idealen en is hij de luis in de […]