News / / 02.05.21

The Jersulam Post: US leaning towards reinstating sanctions on Israeli mining magnate Gertler

US President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to snap back sanctions against Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler after they were eased by former President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reported on Friday. Gertler was allegedly involved in corrupt mining deals in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The sanctions against him were practically lifted until January 31 of 2022 by then-US Treasury Secretary […]

News / / 02.04.21

Daily Maverick: US Senators and Congresspeople ask Biden administration to reimpose sanctions on controversial billionaire Dan Gertler

Three Democratic US Senators have urged the new US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to reimpose sanctions on the controversial Israeli businessman Dan Gertler, who has made a fortune through what the US government has described as “opaque and corrupt mining and oil deals” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On Wednesday, Representatives Gregory […]

News / / 02.04.21

Africa Intelligence: La martingale politique de l’homme d’affaires Roger Abotome

Mis en cause pour ses liens d’affaires avec l’ex-patron de la commission électorale, l’homme d’affaires Roger Abotome Bekabysia a fait du compagnonnage avec le mouvement de l’ex-président Joseph Kabila un véritable business model… Click here to read the full article. 

News / / 02.04.21

Africa Intelligence: Businessman Roger Abotome’s winning political formula

Recently hit by revelations about his business ties with the ex-head of the electoral commission, the businessman Roger Abotome Bekabysia has turned his association with ex-president Joseph Kabila’s political movement into a veritable business model… Click here to read the full article. 

News / / 02.03.21

The East African: S. Sudan questions Transparency International graft report

South Sudan’s government has questioned Transparency International’s 2020 report that ranked it the second most corruption country in the world and most corrupt in east Africa. Speaking to The EastAfrican on Tuesday, government spokesman Michael Makuei accused international organisations, including Transparency International, of being corrupt… Click here to read the full article. 

News / / 02.03.21 États-Unis : trois sénateurs démocrates appellent l’administration Biden à révoquer « immédiatement » la licence de Dan Gertler

Trois Sénateurs américains ainsi que plusieurs organisations nationales et internationales de la société civile ont chacun adressé une lettre à la Secrétaire au Trésor américain sur la licence accordée à Dan Gertler ainsi qu’à ses entreprises d’utiliser les devises américaines alors que ce dernier avait été frappé d’interdit en vertu de la loi Magnitsky sur […]

News / / 02.01.21

The East African: South Sudan ranked the most corrupt EA country, again

South Sudan has once again been ranked the most corrupt country in the East African region. A 2020 report by Transparency International ranked the country the second most corrupt across the globe, followed by Somalia. Syria took the lead. The Corruption Perception Index (CPI), ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public […]

News / / 02.01.21

Libération: Centrafrique : entre les Casques bleus et les mercenaires russes, un flirt à haut risque

Les «instructeurs» russes appelés à la rescousse par le gouvernement centrafricain sont en réalité des combattants appartenant à une société privée. D’après les informations recueilles par «Libération», la Mission de la paix des Nations unies collabore avec ces paramilitaires au mépris des conventions internationales et de son obligation de neutralité… Click here to read the full […]

News / / 01.30.21

Economist: “A tale of two billionaires Beny Steinmetz gets jail, Dan Gertler a reprieve”

In december 2017 Donald Trump’s administration imposed financial sanctions on Dan Gertler. That came as a shock to the government of Joseph Kabila, who was then the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mr Gertler, who was named alongside several allegedly crooked politicians and businessmen, was one of Mr Kabila’s closest friends. He was also […]

News / / 01.29.21

Africa Calling Podcast: Ep15: Darfur interethnic violence, Nigeria security shakeup and Gambia groundnuts

The Sentry’s Senior Advisor Dr. Suliman Baldo joined the Africa Calling Podcast for a discussion on Darfur. The episode features RFI Hausa editor Bashir Ibrahim Idris, Monrovia correspondent Darlington Porkpa, sounds produced by RFI service Afrique correspondent Charlotte Cosset, Sudan expert Suliman Baldo, Choguel Maiga from Mali’s M5-RFP, an opposition and civil society umbrella group, and Gambian correspondent Sally Jeng. Click here to listen to the […]

News / / 01.29.21

NK News: Statues in Africa traced back to North Korean artists making money for regime

Sprinkled throughout a traffic circle in a mining city along the southern tip of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, several North Korean statues depicting laborers stand guarded behind a black iron fence… Click here to read the full article. 

News / / 01.28.21

La Nouvelle Tribune: RDC : le cadeau de Trump au milliardaire Dan Gertler

La décision prise par l’administration Trump en faveur du richissime homme d’affaires israélien Dan Gertler n’est pas du goût de certaines organisations non gouvernementales. En effet, avant son départ de la Maison-Blanche, l’équipe de l’ancien président américain a accordé une licence à l’homme d’affaires juif. Cette licence permet à ce dernier de contourner pour la durée d’une […]

News / / 01.28.21

RFI: Bashir’s militarisation of tribes behind recent violence in Sudan’s Darfur

The number of those displaced by clashes in Darfur, Sudan hit 123,000 people this week, according to the UN, worrying human rights experts, analysts and commentators about an outbreak of ethnic violence as the combined United Nations/African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur continues its withdrawal.  Two separate attacks on 16-17 January and 18 January claimed […]

News / / 01.27.21

OCCRP: Trump Quietly Eased Sanctions on Israeli Mining Tycoon Dan Gertler

During its last week in office, the Trump administration effectively suspended sanctions imposed against controversial Israeli mining tycoon Dan Gertler, who allegedly made a fortune from corrupt deals in Congo, according to the anti-corruption group The Sentry, citing leaked documents. Just five days before a new president was inaugurated, the Director of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office […]

News / / 01.26.21

The Times: Dan Gertler sanctions dropped by Donald Trump

The Trump administration eased sanctions on an Israeli mining tycoon in the days before President Biden’s inauguration. Restrictions on Dan Gertler over alleged corruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were temporarily lifted by the US Treasury. The decision was not publicly announced. Mr Gertler’s lawyers were notified of the move on January 15, […]

News / / 01.26.21

AFP: After Trump eases them, Biden urged to reinstate sanctions on Israeli tycoon

Two rights groups on Monday urged the new US administration of Joe Biden to reverse former President Donald Trump’s last-minute easing of sanctions on an Israeli billionaire accused of corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The US State Department hit Dan Gertler with sanctions in December 2017 for “opaque and corrupt mining deals” struck […]

News / / 01.26.21

JCK: Diamond Trader Dan Gertler Gets OFAC Sanctions Reprieve

In an unexpected and unannounced decision made during the last week of the Trump administration, the U.S. Department of the Treasury temporarily rescinded the sanctions it had put on Israeli diamond trader Dan Gertler three years earlier. In December 2017, then-President Trump signed an executive order placing Gertler on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) […]

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Voice of America: To Benefit from Aid, Sudan Must Enact Tough Economic Reforms Quickly, Economist Says

Sudan’s transitional government must start moving quickly on tough, economic reforms to stabilize the economy if it wants to benefit from pledges of support offered by its international partners, said one U.S.-based analyst. On Thursday, the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State Dominic Raab said the UK would provide a $453 million bridge loan to help […]

News / / 01.26.21

The Africa Report: DRC : A final gift from Trump to the Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler?

Dan Gertler has a one-year respite – until 31 January 2022 to be precise – to continue doing business with US companies. This is due to a “licence” that was granted to the mining magnate by the US Department of the Treasury on 15 January – five days before the handover of power between the […]

News / / 01.26.21

Deutsche Welle: Contrats miniers, non à la corruption !

Dans l’affaire Dan Gertler, il est question de signatures de “contrats miniers et pétroliers opaques et entachés de corruption” en République démocratique du Congo. Washington accusait le milliardaire d’avoir fait perdre à la RDC 1,36 milliard de dollars de recettes fiscales dans les années 2010, sous la présidence de Joseph Kabila… Click here to read the full article.