News / / 06.26.20

Voice of America: Analyst: Sudan Must Carry Out Reforms Before Donors Act on $1.8B in Pledges

A day after Western and Arab nations pledged a total of $1.8 billion in aid to Sudan to help the struggling African nation, a Washington-based analyst says that amount shows the international community is willing to stand behind Sudan’s transitional government. Donors realize Sudan has a tough road ahead, said Suleiman Baldo, a senior policy […]

News / / 06.19.20

The East African: How South Sudan military brass wrung state golden goose’s neck

Even as the spotlight shone on the South Sudan political class over what was described as unbridled looting of state resources, a new report points fingers at military leaders, including former army chief of staff Paul Malong, accusing them of joining in the thieving band. Sentry, an American anti-money laundering organisation, is calling out 11 […]

News / / 06.16.20

BBC World Service: Newsday, June 16, 2020

On June 16th, 2020, The Sentry’s Senior Advisor Suliman Baldo gave an interview with the BBC World Service’s Newsday program, regarding the arrest of Ali Kushayb by the International Criminal Court. Click here to listen to the interview (minute 27:30). 

News / / 06.14.20

La Repubblica: Sud Sudan, tra i militari il malaffare premia la corruzione rampante delle élite che hanno in mano l’enonomia del Paese

VERONA – Continua la serie di rapporti del progetto di ricerca e patrocinio The Sentry, dell’organizzazione americana Enough, che ha l’obiettivo di svelare il nesso tra guerra e corruzione in Sud Sudan e in altri paesi in simili condizioni. L’ultimo, diffuso alla fine di maggio, Making a Killing, ha un sottotitolo molto esplicito: South sudanese military leaders’ wealth, explained (Spiegata la ricchezza dei […]

News / / 06.10.20

Agence France-Presse: Darfur war crimes fugitive held in ICC custody

Longtime fugitive militiaman Ali Kushayb has turned himself in to the International Criminal Court where he faces war crimes charges for his role in Sudan’s brutal Darfur conflict, the ICC said Tuesday. Kushayb, also known as Ali Muhammad Ali Abd–Al-Rahman, is wanted on 50 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed between 2003-2004 […]

News / / 06.10.20

Associated Press/The New York Times: Sudan militia leader in custody on Darfur war crimes charges

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — In a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of justice for crimes in Darfur, Sudanese militia leader Ali Kushayb, who is charged with 50 crimes against humanity and war crimes in the devastating conflict, has been arrested more than 13 years after a warrant was issued for him and transferred […]

News / / 05.29.20

Le Vif: Congo-Kinshasa: jeux de pouvoir autour du “grand nettoyage”

Fin mars dernier, en plein début de crise du coronavirus en RDC, Félix Tshisekedi se décide à créer, par ordonnance présidentielle, l’Agence de prévention et de lutte contre la corruption (APLC). Trois semaines plus tard, pour ” accompagner ” cette nouvelle structure, il recrute, ” sur proposition du PNUD “, l’agence de l’ONU pour le […]

News / / 05.29.20

Voice of America: South Sudan in Focus May 29

On May 29, 2020, Shannon Mizzi, an investigator with The Sentry, gave an interview with Voice of America’s South Sudan in Focus. Listen to the full interview below, beginning at minute 19.

News / / 05.29.20

Nile Post: Report pins Ugandan businessmen on working as proxies for South Sudan army generals

A new report has listed some Ugandan businessmen as working as proxies for powerful South Sudan generals to invest in companies and other property in Uganda. On December 15, 2013 a civil war broke out in the newly formed South Sudan after President Salva Kiir accused his deputy Riek Machar of attempting to overthrow the […]

News / / 05.28.20

BBC World Service: Business Update

On May 28, 2020, Shannon Mizzi, an investigator with The Sentry, gave an interview to the BBC World Service’s Business Update, Europe and Global Edition. Listen to the full interview below, beginning at minute 2:35.  

News / / 05.28.20

Sudan Tribune: U.S. Sentry alerts against corruption by South Sudan senior military leader

U.S. watchdog group, The Sentry, has alerted against major corruption and money laundering by high ranking military leaders in South Sudan. In a report released on Wednesday “Making a Killing: South Sudanese Military Leaders’ Wealth, Explained,” the sentry said that the fact the engagement in business activities of the last four army chiefs of staff […]

News / / 05.27.20

Eye Radio: Poorly paid but wealthy army generals – report

Some of them started off as privates in the early 1980s, during the outbreak of the 21-year civil war. With time and experience, they climbed the military power ladder, making them household names. They include Oyay Deng Ajak, Gabriel Jok Riak, James Hoth Mai, and Paul Malong – each of whom held the position of army […]

News / / 05.27.20

Gurtong: Sentry Highlights Their New Report On Corruption In South Sudan

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits hard across Africa and billions of dollars are being deployed in response, a new report published today by The Sentry raises red flags on risks of major corruption and money laundering by high ranking military leaders in South Sudan, a country with more generals than doctors… Click here to read the […]

News / / 05.19.20

Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy: Kleptocrats, Coronavirus, & How to Combat Them

The response to the Coronavirus pandemic will prove a bonanza for corrupt leaders who have historically robbed their countries of funds needed for the health and welfare of their citizens as trillions of dollars are disbursed without even the usual, ineffective safeguards. The panelists will discuss the immediate need to enhance transparency and accountability with […]

News / / 05.18.20

Lejecos: La Corruption tueuse

Le Covid-19 est en Afrique une bombe à retardement. Les risques, pour certains, sont connus. Les systèmes de soins de santé sont fragiles et surchargés, avec dix pays africains qui seraient totalement dépourvus de respirateurs artificiels. Les approvisionnements alimentaires sont instables et ont d’ores et déjà été soumis à des perturbations majeures. On compte par […]

News / / 05.15.20

Asociación Almendrón: Corrupción asesina

La COVID-19 es una bomba de tiempo en África. Algunos de sus riesgos han sido ampliamente documentados: los sistemas de atención sanitaria son endebles y están sobrecargados; diez países africanos, según consta, no tienen ni siquiera un solo respirador. La provisión de alimentos es inestable y ya sufrió interrupciones importantes, y más de 18 millones de personas son refugiados o desplazados […]

News / / 05.07.20

RFI: RDC: Harish Jagtani, l’homme d’affaires indien «ami» des Kabila?

En RDC, il n’y a pas que le procès du directeur de cabinet du président Vital Kamerhe, deux autres affaires défraient la chronique en ce début du mois de mai: le marché de rénovation de la salle plénière du Sénat et la découverte d’un trafic d’armes à Gbadolite. Derrière les sociétés citées dans ces dossiers, […]

News / / 05.06.20

The National: Warming US-Sudan ties are about more than just politics

Sudan has made yet another historic step forward in the past few days. On Saturday, the government approved a draft law to criminilise female genital mutilation and on Monday, Khartoum officially appointed its first ambassador to the United States in a quarter of a century. Sudan’s choice is Noureddine Sati, a well-known diplomat. His appointment […]

News / / 04.29.20

FINCast: Ep. 22 – Kleptocracy, Financial Crime and Instability

In this episode, Juan Zarate, Chairman and Co-Founder, and Chip Poncy, President and Co-Founder, are joined by the Sentry’s John Prendergast and J.R. Mailey to discuss Kleptocracy, Financial Crime, and Instability. Click here to listen to the podcast. 

News / / 04.28.20

Public Now: U.S. Rep. Dean, Human Rights Activist Prendergast To Receive Honorary Degrees At Commencement

Arcadia is excited to present honorary doctoral degrees to U.S. Representative Madeleine Dean (PA-4th) and human rights activist John Prendergast at the University’s 2020 Commencement ceremonies, planned for Sept. 26. Representative Dean will receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, while Mr. Prendergast will receive an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Both Representative Dean […]