Blog / / 03.20.19

Not On Our Watch and The Sentry have merged

Not On Our Watch – the organization founded by George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and the late Jerry Weintraub – helped co-found The Sentry a few years ago, along with the Enough Project. Because the primary work of NOOW was providing support for The Sentry, the board of directors – including George, Don, and Matt – decided to merge NOOW into The Sentry, officially changing NOOW’s name to “The Sentry” in order to be more reflective of the organization’s mission and goals.

What does this mean for our work, programs, and stakeholders? Fundamentally, this is a “name only” branding shift. The operations and programs of both NOOW and The Sentry will remain the same. We simply have a single name, The Sentry, that best represents our shared priority and focus, which is to go after the money of those financing and profiting from genocide and other mass atrocities.

Our online home is now, and is now an archived site which will not be updated. For our generous donors who have been supporting the work of The Sentry through NOOW, donations and grants now can be given directly to The Sentry.

We’re very excited about the future of our work.  The Sentry’s work is having real impact on the powerful profiteer networks responsible for the suffering of millions of people. Our investigations have widened and deepened since we first began, and we are emboldened when we see the thieves of state and their international business partners looking over their shoulders as a result of our efforts. This is all possible thanks to the generous and essential support of so many.