News / / 06.26.20

Voice of America: Analyst: Sudan Must Carry Out Reforms Before Donors Act on $1.8B in Pledges

A day after Western and Arab nations pledged a total of $1.8 billion in aid to Sudan to help the struggling African nation, a Washington-based analyst says that amount shows the international community is willing to stand behind Sudan’s transitional government.

Donors realize Sudan has a tough road ahead, said Suleiman Baldo, a senior policy advisor at the Enough Project, an organization which works to eliminate genocide, crimes against humanity, and government corruption.

“These representatives of the regional and international community were all expressing support for the people of Sudan as they try to overcome tremendous challenges and difficulties in their transition to democracy and civilian-led rule. And that support, the participants did not limit it to words of praise but also by providing pledges of substantive economic support for the government,” Baldo told VOA’s South Sudan in Focus…

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