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Breaking: UK Launches Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations

UK Launches Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations


New international anti-corruption regime can “create a real cost for those profiting from human misery and using the UK to stash corrupt profits and enjoy luxurious lifestyles,” says The Sentry’s John Prendergast 

April 26, 2021 (London) – Today, the UK launched a historic autonomous Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations regime. The newly enacted regulations will give the UK powers to prevent those involved in corruption from traveling to the UK or using its financial system. An initial list of sanctions in association with the new sanctions regime designating individuals and entities is expected announced today.

The Sentry, an investigative and policy team co-founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast, has actively advocated for this new policy tool to help combat major corruption and illicit finance linked to the UK, which often fuels war, mass atrocities, and human rights abuses around the world. Experts from The Sentry are available for interview, as well as for further comment once designations are announced.

John Prendergast, Co-Founder of The Sentry, said: “For far too long, London has served as a safe harbor for the illicit profits derived from some of the world’s deadliest conflicts. With this regime, the UK has the power to stem the flow of dirty money from corruption and associated human rights crimes. The UK should now use this new policy tool aggressively to impose targeted network sanctions to create a real cost for those profiting from human misery and using the UK to stash corrupt profits and enjoy luxurious lifestyles.”

Oliver Windridge, Senior Advisor at The Sentry, said: “The launch of the UK Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions regime is a seminal moment for the UK and its anti-corruption ambitions. For the first time, it allows the UK to freeze assets and impose travel bans on those involved in corruption across the world. Whilst the launch should be commended, the work has only just begun for the program to be truly effective. The UK should use this program to target kleptocratic regimes and their networks who have all too often profited significantly from conflict across Africa and then used the UK as a safe harbor to stash their illicit wealth.”

Denisse Rudich, Senior Advisor at The Sentry, said: “The UK has traditionally played a leadership role in the fight against corruption. By adding this autonomous anti-corruption sanctions regime to its toolkit, the UK signals to the world that it remains hostile to corruption. For the UK to have a wider impact on those who abuse their positions of power to pillage state coffers, resources, and assets, it is essential that it continue to coordinate with its partners to issue targeted network sanctions.”

The UK Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations will accompany the UK’s Global Human Rights Sanctions regime that commenced in July 2020.

Read the statement by Foreign Secretary Raab:

Read The Sentry’s briefing by Oliver Windridge (December 2020): “Safe Harbor No More: The UK and International Kleptocracy.”

Read op-ed by George Clooney and John Prendergast (The Guardian, 2017): “British banks are go-betweens in global conflict. This can be stopped.”


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