Blog / / 02.13.19

New Enough Project Report Details South Sudan’s System of Violent Kleptocracy

The Enough Project released a new report today, “A Hijacked State: Violent Kleptocracy in South Sudan.” Authored by Brian Adeba and the Enough Project team, the report gives an overview of how the state has been hijacked in South Sudan by regime leaders and their international collaborators, and how the looting of state coffers and natural resources is the primary cause of war and ongoing instability in the country.

This report outlines the argument for why governance in South Sudan has evolved into a system of violent kleptocracy, and how for lasting peace to have a chance in South Sudan, regardless of the many peace deals that have been signed, it is critical that policies focus on exposing, undermining, and ultimately dismantling that violent kleptocratic governing system. We outline policy tools of financial pressure that if deployed against leaders and spoilers bent on pursuing conflict for their own benefit could provide both real accountability as well as leverage for peace, human rights, and good governance. Specifically, the report recommends the following:

  1. Disrupt illicit financial activity through the use of network sanctions.
  2. Disrupt illicit financial activity through the implementation of anti-money laundering measures.
  3. Bolster the South Sudanese judicial system.
  4. Promote transparency and good governance.
  5. Support civil society and journalists.

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