News / / 12.11.19

The Independent: ‘It’s like Bashir is still here’: Inside war-ravaged Darfur where deadly violence is killing the revolution

The men in black masks and khaki uniforms arrived in the middle of the night. They set fire to homes with people still inside them.

They separated girls from their parents and raped them. They shot dead an old man who tried to defend his daughters.

With a disarming absence of emotion, Fatima Nour, 30, recalls the deadly attack on her village in North Darfur, as she sits beside a reed hut in Zamzam displacement camp.

She barely blinks when describing the murder of her brother, who was killed protecting the family’s livestock in a 2014 raid by government-backed forces.

Five years on, despite Sudan’s revolution – which ousted the country’s brutal president, Omar Bashir – and a ceasefire, Fatima is concerned that the deadly violence has not stopped…

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