Blog / / 05.21.20

A Discussion on Kleptocrats, Coronavirus, & How to Combat Them

The Sentry’s Brad Brooks-Rubin participated in a webinar hosted by the Harvard Kennedy Center’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. Moderated by the Carr Center’s Executive Director Sushma Raman and featuring Judge Mark Wolf, Zorka Milin of Global Witness, and Brad, the discussion centered on the anti-corruption tools, both current and proposed, that can help prevent coronavirus relief funds from being stolen by kleptocrats around the world. The participants focused on the risk posed by the effort to provide trillions of dollars of relief funds to those in need around the world without sufficient safeguards in place.

Judge Wolf focused on his advocacy for a new International Anti-Corruption Court and the way such a court could be a beneficial complement to the existing international system. Zorka concentrated on the International Monetary Fund, and its need to establish new safeguards and oversight. Finally, Brad reviewed the tools of financial pressure that have proved effective in addressing corruption as reported on by The Sentry, such as network sanctions within the Global Magnitsky program, anti-money laundering measures, beneficial ownership legislation, and public due diligence reporting.

Watch the recording below, or visit the Carr Center’s website for more info on the event.