News / / 10.20.20

The East African: Trump ready to delist Sudan as state sponsor of terror

The US government on Monday indicated it will lift sanctions imposed on Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism soon, once Khartoum pays up the $335 million it agreed to settle with victims’ families.

US President Donald Trump said he was waiting for Khartoum to meet up its part of the bargain to be freed from crippling sanctions that have seen it unable to compete in the global market for the last 27 years.

“GREAT news! New government of Sudan, which is making great progress, agreed to pay $335 MILLION to US terror victims and families,” Trump tweeted.

“Once deposited, I will lift Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!”

The move, which had been in the grapevine for several months, with some sources indicating the UA would lift the sanctions after elections next month, means that Khartoum would be allowed back into the global economic system including purchasing American products or dealing with US companies…

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