Blog / / 03.24.21

The Sentry’s Congressional Testimony on Global Magnitsky

On Wednesday March 24, Brad Brooks-Rubin, General Counsel at The Sentry, joined a panel of witnesses asked to testify in front of the House Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. The hearing offered a chance to examine the implementation of the sanctions authority, analyze its efficacy in achieving the Act’s objectives, and determine if the original statute requires any adjustments as Congress┬ábegins its reauthorization process.

His testimony is available here. The recording of the hearing is below, and more information on the hearing can be found below and on the committee’s website.

Hosted by:
James P. McGovern
Member of Congress
Co-Chair, TLHRC

Christopher H. Smith
Member of Congress
Co-Chair, TLHRC

Panel I

  • Senator Benjamin L. Cardin

Panel II

  • Michael Breen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Human Rights First
  • Brad Brooks-Rubin, General Counsel, The Sentry
  • Beth Van Schaack, Leah Kaplan Visiting Professor of Human Rights, Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Stanford University
  • Tutu Alicante, Executive Director, EG Justice
  • John Hughes, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Energy, Economics and Security Program, Center for A New American Security and Senior Vice President, Albright Stonebridge Group