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BBC World Service: Suliman Baldo interview with BBC Newsday

Click here to listen to the interview on Sudan with Suliman Baldo, Senior Advisor to the Enough Project.

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Arcadia University: IPCR Celebrates 20 Years Of Changing The World

Alumni from around the globe descended on Grey Towers Castle on Oct. 12 to celebrate 20 years of a unique Arcadia program that’s centered on changing the world: the International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) Master of Arts program. For two decades, the IPCR program has provided Arcadia students with tools and skills to make […]

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Sudan Tribune: Kiir’s office to unveil findings on The Sentry’s corruption report

The office of South Sudan’s president will Thursday unveil findings into a probe it carried out after the US-based The Sentry released a report on corruption in September. The 64-page report titled, “The Taking of South Sudan” alleged that South Sudan President Salva Kiir and his family members own stakes in banks, foreign exchange bureaus, […]

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Radio Dabanga: Sudan Dissolves National Congress Party, Repeals Public Order Bill

Hundreds of Sudanese took to the streets of Khartoum late on Thursday evening to celebrate the changes. “The decisions on Thursday evening are a positive response to the demands of the Sudanese uprising, that called for Freedom, Justice, and Peace, and the dismantling of the oppressive Al Bashir’s regime that ruled the country for three […]

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Africa News: South Sudan: US piles pressure over unity govt formation [Morning Call]

U.S recalled its ambassador to South Sudan back to Washington on Monday. This is widely viewed as a signal of Washington’s displeasure over South Sudan’s failure to meet an extended deadline for forming a unity government – a critical component of a peace deal aimed at ending a bloody five-year civil war in the eight […]

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Tuko: Gideon Moi named among tycoons doing business with war-ravaged South Sudan’s govt

A 64-page report titled The Taking of South Sudan prepared by The Sentry has revealed Baringo senator Gideon Moi has stakes in a company operated by President Salva Kiir’s daughter. The senator allegedly formed the company in February 2014 and co-owns it with Kiir’s daughter, son-in-law and close advisor. According to the report, the firm, […]

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Economist: Donald Trump uses sanctions more keenly than any of his predecessors

IN DECEMBER 2017 the Democratic Republic of Congo was in ferment. Joseph Kabila, then the president, seemed to be weighing whether or not to stand in an election, even though he should have left office fully a year before, having served his two full constitutional terms. In Kinshasa, the capital, Mr Kabila’s allies remarked casually […]

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Eye Radio: Acting NRA boss makes suspicious bank transfers

The National Revenue Authority has lately been making suspicious bank transfers out of the non-oil revenue collections, bank documents obtained by Eye Radio show. Established in 2018, the NRA is mandated to assess, collect, administrate and enforce laws relating to taxation and revenues.  The establishment is one of the measures to reduce dependency on oil revenues, […]

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Sudan Tribune: U.S advocacy group calls for pressure on S. Sudan leaders

Regional bodies and the international community should exert maximum pressure on South Sudan’s warring parties to ensure they implement the peace agreement, a US-based advocacy group said. In a statement, The Sentry, an investigative arm of Enough Project said there should be a campaign tied to explicit benchmarks that will unleash serious consequences for leaders […]

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JCK: The Kimberley Process Is Going Nowhere. Should We Care?

Earlier this month, World Diamond Council president Stephane Fischler wrote that the upcoming Kimberley Process (KP) Plenary in New Dehli, India, could represent a “watershed moment” for the certification scheme, as it will get one more chance to revise its definition of conflict diamonds to include human rights violations. The KP’s civil society coalition similarly warned that the meeting, which it called “the […]

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BBC World Service: Newsday: Why does Russia want to end the embargo on the Central African Republic’s diamonds?

In recent years, Russia has been seeking to expand its influence in Africa. One country it has focused on is the Central African Republic, a small but strategic nation with significant diamond mines. Russia has now announced that it wants to lift an embargo which prohibits suspected “blood diamonds ” from being exported from certain […]

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The Independent: Russia is trying to legalise African ‘blood diamonds’

They have been linked to corruption, violence, civil war, rape and murder. But this week Moscow announced it wanted an end to an international embargo on ‘blood’ diamonds exported from the Central African Republic (CAR). According to most estimates, more than 90 per cent of CAR’s diamonds end up being exported anyway – via the […]

Op-Ed / / 11.08.19

Lawfare Op-ed: A Better Way to Use Sanctions in Africa

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in Lawfare and was written by Hilary Mossberg,  AML/CFT Advisor for Africa for The Sentry. Few things are as constitutive of the Western foreign policy orthodoxy toward Africa as sanctions. Sanctions programs abound in the continent, yet they frequently fall short of their goals. We propose some ways to recapture […]

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New York Times: South Sudan Silences a Witness to Its Horrors

“Reporting the facts of such highly volatile and complex crises is essential if they are ever to be tackled, and if the death and suffering are ever to end. The oil companies and authorities who fan the flames for their own ends need to be exposed, and nongovernmental organizations such as Mr. Clooney’s and reporters […]

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Anadolu Agency: Despite other rich resources, South Sudan’s oil may fuel war

“Oil revenues and income from other natural resources have continued to fund the [South Sudan civil] war, enabling its continuation and the resulting human rights violations,” according to The Sentry, a website focused on “dirty money connected to African war criminals and transnational war profiteers.” The Petroleum Ministry funded food, fuel, and satellite phone airtime […]

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Radio Miraya: New Sentry Report Details Impact of Sanctions in Sub-Saharan Africa

A new report that examines the effectiveness of sanctions is proposing improved regional collaboration and enforcement of ‘network sanctions’ as opposed to individual restrictions, to effectively address threats to regional and international stability. The report compiled by ‘The SENTRY,’ a US-based non-profit investigative team, examines the broad impact of sanctions levied by the United States, […]

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Wall Street Journal: New Report Evaluates Sanctions Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sanctions programs levied on some Sub-Saharan African countries could be made more effective by targeting specific networks rather than comprehensive sanctions against an entire country, a new report says. The report, published by policy advocacy group The Sentry on Thursday, evaluates the effectiveness of sanctions programs currently or previously placed by the U.S., the European Union […]

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New Report by The Sentry Details Impact of Sanctions in Sub-Saharan Africa

– FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New Report by The Sentry Details Impact of Sanctions in Sub-Saharan Africa In-Depth Study Documents Successes and Challenges of Targeted Network Sanctions and Presents Recommendations to Increase Effectiveness October 24, 2019 (New York) – Targeted network sanctions programs can be an effective tool in addressing rogue regimes and illicit actors […]

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African Arguments Op-ed: Abyei: Sudan and South Sudan’s New Chance to Solve Old Disputes

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in African Arguments and was written by John Prendergast, Co-Founder of The Sentry, and Brian Adeba, South Sudan Investigative Analyst at The Sentry. In the excitement around Sudan’s evolving political order and the concerns around South Sudan’s challenges, less attention has been paid to some long-standing contentious issues that have the potential to create […]

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African Arguments Op-ed: أبيي: فرصة السودان وجنوب السودان الجديدة السانحة لحل النزاعات القديمة

Note: This op-ed originally appeared in African Arguments and was written by John Prendergast, Co-Founder of The Sentry, and Brian Adeba, South Sudan Investigative Analyst at The Sentry. في ظل الحالة المثيرة التي يشهدها الوضع المتطور للنظام السياسي في السودان والمخاوف المتعلقة بالتحديات التي تواجه جنوب السودان، تم إيلاء اهتمام أقل ببعض القضايا المستمرة التي […]