Blog / / 05.12.16

The Yates Memo: Justice Department prioritizes individual accountability in corporate cases

By Sentry Team The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is putting a new priority on accountability for individuals within companies when those companies break the law — and has enacted a new set of protocols to help make that happen in more of its cases. Often a company is fined or sanctioned, but those actual […]

Blog / / 05.11.16

Ahead of Global Summit, U.S. Government Announces Several Steps to Counter Corruption

This Thursday, May 12, UK Prime Minister David Cameron will host an international anti-corruption summit in London. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to attend the summit, which will bring together high-level government representatives, business leaders and civil society to step up international efforts to address corruption. Last week the White House announced a several steps the U.S. will […]

Blog / / 03.22.16

Djibouti Corruption Case Dismissed by UK Courts

By Sentry Team A U.K. court recently dismissed a claim made by the Government of Djibouti against a powerful businessman who had fallen out of favor with the government. The politically-connected businessman, Abdourahman Mohamed Mahmoud Boreh, is credited with playing an integral role in the development of the nation’s ports, oil storage, and duty free […]

Blog / / 03.16.16

Staggering Amounts of Dirty Money in London

By Sentry Team In a recent article in the New Statesman, author James Nickerson focuses on the issue of money laundering in London and the United Kingdom. With an estimated £48 billion laundered through the UK, accounting for 2 percent of GDP, London is now the world’s leading place for corruption-based money laundering, he writes. […]

Blog / / 02.22.16

South Sudan’s Central Bank Demands Accountability for U.S. Dollar Auction

By Sentry Team Soon after South Sudan devalued its currency in December 2015, the central bank authorized the auction of U.S dollars to commercial banks to offset the cost of devaluation which had caused the South Sudanese pound to lose its value by 84 percent. Millions of dollars were auctioned to the commercial banks as […]

Blog / / 02.16.16

OFAC: What Banks Don’t Know Can (and Should) Hurt

By Sentry Team The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued an important, if complicated, penalty last week against Barclay’s Bank for processing transactions related to sanctioned entities in Zimbabwe.  Although the total amount, $2.49 million, pales in comparison to some of the massive penalties the agency has issued against banks in recent years, this […]

Blog / / 01.28.16

Corruption Continues in Sudan’s Oil Sector

By Sentry Team A new report from Sudan Democracy First Group shows how systemic corruption in Sudan’s oil sector continues even after the oil boom has ended. This report also shows how pervasive corruption undermines openness and transparency and allows a small circle of political elites to amass great personal wealth through undue influence and […]

Blog / / 01.13.16

FinCEN Moves to Curb Real Estate-based Money Laundering in Miami, Manhattan

By Sentry Team The U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced today that it has issued a Geographic Targeting Order that requires U.S. title insurance companies to identify beneficial owners of companies that purchase high end real estate in Miami-Dade County and Manhattan in “all-cash” transactions. The move is a milestone in the fight to […]

Blog / / 12.16.15

Tanzanian President Pledges Fight Against Corruption

By Sentry Team President John Magufuli of Tanzania only in office for a month is already off to a good start in his pledged fight against corruption. Magufuli’s surprise visits to government employees at their offices, slashing budgets for lavish celebrations and re-direction of the funds for needed hospital beds, and creating strict foreign travel […]

Blog / / 12.14.15

Concealed Ownership Contributes to Lawlessness at Sea

By Sentry Team The shipping industry is crucial for global commerce, but much of the fishing and cargo shipping industries are extremely opaque and often characterized by lawlessness. “Some ships are stolen, renamed, retitled and resold. Some shippers flaunt regulations regarding pollution, dumping oil and toxins and garbage unseen,” Andrea Wrage, the president of TRACE, […]

Blog / / 11.24.15

Study Calls for More Effective Use of Natural Resource Sanctions by UN

By Sentry Team A new study by the NGO Security Council Report calls for “more effective use of natural resource sanctions” by the United Nations. The report, which examines the history and effectiveness of current and past natural resource-related sanctions regimes, highlights the importance of recognizing “the significance of natural resource governance to conflict prevention […]

Blog / / 11.18.15

South Sudan Justice Minister Acknowledges Existence of Corrupt Government Officials

By Sentry Team South Sudan’s Minister of Justice Paulino Wanawilla recently acknowledged the existence of corrupt officials in the Ministry of Justice, as well as throughout the government. This is a significant statement highlighting the pervasive nature of corruption in South Sudan. In a recent article, the Sudan Tribune quotes the Minister as saying, ““I know in […]

Blog / / 11.09.15

UN: Corruption is Feeding and Sustaining Wildlife and Forest Crime

By Sentry Team The heads of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) recently released a statement emphasizing the role of corruption in feeding and sustaining wildlife and forest crime. “For the criminals to succeed, customs officials must […]

Blog / / 10.30.15

Sam Pa Detained but Shady Global Networks Still Need to be Dismantled

By Sentry Team Sam Pa, head of the shadowy Hong Kong-based syndicate known as 88 Queensway Group, is reported to have been involved in trafficking weapons, smuggling diamonds, and bribing high-level officials for oil concessions. Through these and other acts, Pa has helped prop up some of the world’s most abusive regimes, particularly in Africa. […]

Blog / / 10.21.15

Hard Currency Scarcity and the South Sudan Economy

By Sentry Team South Sudan’s ministry of finance has stopped selling hard currency to the country’s central bank. The advent of armed conflict, which broke out in December 2013, has reduced the production of oil, the country’s main revenue earner by 32 percent, affecting the overall performance of the economy. Subsequently, the value of the South Sudanese pound […]

Blog / / 10.20.15

UK Banking and Legal Services at High Risk of Exposure to Handling Corrupt Money: Govt Report

By Sentry Team The UK Treasury and Home Office released a report warning of the high risk of exposure to handling corrupt money that the country’s banking, accountancy, and legal services sectors face. It describes how the same factors that make the UK an attractive place for legitimate financial activity because of its political stability, advanced professional services […]